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In the world economic downturn, inverse undercurrent of globalization, the Chinese President xi jinping held in Lima on the informal meeting of apec leaders delivered an important proposition on economic globalization problems and think that conform to the requirements of the productivity development of economic globalization, conforms to the interests of all parties, is the trend of The Times.We can't because at that time the difficult to stop, to participate in the process of economic globalization, pay attention to with their respective development practice, pay attention to solve the p...
2016 - 10 - 21
Symposium on Potential Overseas Projects along the Route of 'Belt & Road Initiative' was held by BeltWay Group Limited (to be registered) in Shenzhen on April 22nd 2016. Representatives from BeltWay  Group Limited (to be registered), Sichuan Electric Power Design Institute, CCIC Capital Management Co., Ltd, Mining Association of Mongolia, China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Branch of China Development Bank, Upper Chance Group and Sinohydro Bureau 6 Co., Ltd participated in the symposium.The main topics of the symposium w...
2016 - 06 - 20
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