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Contract on the Project of Basra Water Desalination and Water Treatment Plant Signed

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date: 2019-01-07
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On December 23rd 2018, the Government of Basra Governorate, the Republic of Iraq and the Chinsese Consortium which consists of China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited ('Energy China'), China Energy Engineering Group International Co., Ltd ('Energy China Int'l') and BeltWay Group Limited ('BeltWay') signed a contract on Project of Basra Water Desalination and Water Treatment Plant.

Basra Gov't and the Chinese Consortium Signed a Contract on the Project of Basra Water Desalination and Water Treatment Plant

Mr. Dong Bin, Chairman of Energy China Int'l, Mr. Qiu Changjin, Deputy General Manager of Marketing Dept. No.2 of Energy China Int'l, Mr. Ali Mohamad, CEO of BeltWay and H.E. Mr. Assaad Al-Edani, Governor of Basra presented and signed the Contract. H.E. Mr. Chen Weiqing, Chinese Ambassador to Iraq and Mr. Bian Changzheng, Commercial Counselor of China Embassy in Baghdad presented and witnessed the signing.

The Project includes a water desalination plant and a water treatment plant. After completion of construction, it will improve the potable water deliverability in Basra significantly, ease the shortage of residents' potable water and improve public service.

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