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BeltWay Group Limited, a Project Investment and Developing entity registered in China, specializes in undertaking projects aligned with the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It is headquartered in Beijing. Since its establishment in 2016, BeltWay has played a significant role in the Belt and Road initiative, fostering collaborations with prominent financial institutions and state-owned enterprises within China.

Our remarkable track record includes completing projects valued at over US$ 3.1 billion across countries along the Belt and Road route. With expertise in managing and executing large-scale initiatives pertaining to the BRI, BeltWay Group Limited's strategic partnerships with influential financial institutions and state-owned enterprises in China, combined with our management team's extensive experience and global engagement, establish us as a pivotal player in the industry.

BeltWay Group is helping emerging market countries to fulfill its development goals by assisting those countries in their engagement with Chinese different strategic holders. BeltWay is an official supply provider to Saudi giga procurement for NOEM.

We are committed to delivering exceptional project outcomes and leveraging evolving global dynamics to forge enduring partnerships and capitalize on investment opportunities.

With a strong media presence and notable achievements, BeltWay Group Limited is well-positioned to contribute to the growth and success of mutually beneficial collaborations with potential business partner

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